Succession Intelligence?

I have a deep rooted interest in succession planning and management programs, particularly in academic libraries, and being quiet familiar with the literature in this area, I had yet to hear the term “succession intelligence”. Beam me up Scotty! I am fascinated by this concept…and frankly I wish that I had coined the term myself. It makes perfect sense. After all, we talk about emotional intelligence and social intelligence in the work place with ease and total acceptance. So why not have succession intelligence? I came across this term by serendipity as I was researching another topic. If you are as interested in this as I am, (I know, I know, you are probably not) then you may want to chat with the professionals at Talent Intelligence. According to their website, their mission “is to position businesses for growth and continuity by proactively connecting them with the talent that meets their needs for the future”. If you care to further explore: