As an information professional I am always amazed and fascinated at the speed which data is produced. If this topic interests you, then you may enjoy reading Cisco’s white paper on mobile data traffic forecast. What are the implications for our profession? Access the article here:Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update 2013 – 2018


7 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Printing

This article is part of BrandSpeak, a program that gives voice to Mashable advertisers’ best content: “The future is coming, and it’s going to be manufactured in a whole new way.
3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing, so GE decided to give it its own holiday: 3D Printing Day. They celebrated by designing and 3D-printing holiday gifts for their fans all day on December 3. After all, even elves deserve a break for the holidays, right? But what exactly are 3D-printed things made of, and how will the process influence the way manufacturers work?” Access the complete story at

Judge Hands Google a Big Victory in Lengthy Book-Scanning Case

By Jennifer Howard in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Google has won a major victory in the long legal fight over its scanning and searching of millions of books. A federal judge, Denny Chin, ruled on Thursday that Google’s use of copyrighted works in its Google Books program counts as fair use, and he dismissed a lawsuit originally brought by authors and publishers groups in 2005. See completer article at:

The Flipped Classroom: An Infograph

As an academic librarian, I am often asked about the use of a flipped classroom for library instruction. While we are still experimenting with this concept at our library, I firmly believe that is an option that we need to seriously consider. The attached slide show by KNEWTON, which I accessed via EDUCAUSE provides a very simple, yet clear definition of what the flipped classroom is, how it came to be, what’s driving it, and what it looks like. I hope you enjoy it:

Succession Intelligence?

I have a deep rooted interest in succession planning and management programs, particularly in academic libraries, and being quiet familiar with the literature in this area, I had yet to hear the term “succession intelligence”. Beam me up Scotty! I am fascinated by this concept…and frankly I wish that I had coined the term myself. It makes perfect sense. After all, we talk about emotional intelligence and social intelligence in the work place with ease and total acceptance. So why not have succession intelligence? I came across this term by serendipity as I was researching another topic. If you are as interested in this as I am, (I know, I know, you are probably not) then you may want to chat with the professionals at Talent Intelligence. According to their website, their mission “is to position businesses for growth and continuity by proactively connecting them with the talent that meets their needs for the future”. If you care to further explore:

Are You a Transformational Leader?

According to Dr. Ronald E. Riggio “the most popular theory of leadership today is transformational leadership. What is a transformational leader? Originally focused on leaders who “transform” groups or organizations, transformational leaders focus on followers, motivating them to high levels of performance, and in the process, help followers develop their own leadership potential.” To access Dr Riggio’s complete article go to:

8 Critical Steps to Getting Your Talent Management Strategy Right

According to  Heather McCulligh,  great companies have a well-articulated strategy that guides their business decisions. But many of them fail to then take that strategy and translate it into a talent management strategy. Yet the successful execution of a strategic talent management plan can determine your company’s ability to succeed.” Access the complete article at: